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Full of Themselves: Title Drops in Movies

March 2024
Client: -
w: Alice Thudt
Role(s): Data analysis, Design, Development


A silly idea turned into the biggest analyses of title drops in film. A title drop is a moment in a movie when one of the characters says the title of the movie. I was curious how often that would happen and since I had the right skills, I decided to take on that analysis myself.

Supported by the friendly folks at I got started with a massive dataset of basically all the subtitles they had available. After some filtering, cleaning and mapping to movies where I could also find the metadata on IMDb, I ended up with close to 74,000 movies.

I looked at the dataset from various angles, including decades (yes, title dropping has indeed become more common) and genres (non-fiction genres like biography, music or sport tend more towards the title drop). The full analysis is available as a web-based, interactive article. Analysis happened in Python with Pandas, charts were initially rendered out with and then styled in Figma.

Thanks to Alice Thudt the article itself and the charts have a beautiful design and I also have to credit her with the film-fisheye lens animation idea - almost hypnotic to play around with.