Hi! My name is Dominikus Baur and I'm a Data Visualization & Mobile Interaction Designer from Munich, Germany. I love crafting well-behaved systems where you won't even notice that thin interface between you and your data.
I blog about touchable visualizations, data visualization in general and mobile and touch-based interaction design.

You should talk to me: do@minik.us @dominikus

Another research project from this year that tackles multi-touch visualizations: Ramik Sadana's and John Stasko's Designing and implementing an interactive scatterplot visualization for a tablet computer. The authors came up with several neat interaction techniques for massaging the data presented in a scatterplot in various ways.

When I saw the excellent presentation by Ramik at AVI 2014 back in May, I was very reminded of my own Touchwave project - different visualization technique (scatterplots instead of stacked graphs), but related interactions based on the vocabulary of the iPad. I guess just one more such touchification paper until we see a taxonomy for touch-based interactions published...

Anyway, here's the video:


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