Dominikus BaurData Visualization


October 2007



Interactive surfaces, and interactive tables in particular, offer a compelling platform for shared display collaboration, allowing multiple users to interact simultaneously with a shared information landscape. Collaboration around interactive tabletops has attracted a great deal of attention recently just as digital photo browsing as a compelling scenario.

With Photohelix, our prototypical design for the co-located browsing, we enable organizing and sharing of digital pictures on an interactive tabletop. In designing Photohelix, we made sure to pay attention to the most important aspects of digital photo manipulation identified in the literature: filing, selecting, sharing and browsing.

Photohelix: Supporting photo organization and sharing on a digital tabletop display.

The digital part of Photohelix is tightly coupled with a tangible and rotateable device that stands on top of the display, the metaphor being that the Photohelix and photos originate from the device. Photos are arranged in a spiral with a currently selected section showing enlarged versions of all photos. By twisting the device this section's position can be changed.