Dominikus BaurData Visualization


July 2014
Client: -
w: Alice Thudt, Sheelagh Carpendale
Role(s): Development, Design


Visits is a visualization tool for personal location histories. Using data from services such as Google Location Histories or Moves, visits creates a unique "map-timeline" of your trip.

A map timeline is a visualization technique that shows both time- and location aspects of data. Each location in the data turns into a small map. These maps are aligned sequentially and their sizes determined by the length of the stay at that location.

Thus, visits represents a location history more like our memories work: longer stays become bigger and thus visually more relevant, while shorter stays and transit only fills smaller parts of the visualization.

Visits is a collaboration with the Innovis group of the University of Calgary. The project has so far resulted in two publications.

Read more about the project in this blog post.



Moves API
Google Maps API