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OECD Regional Well-Being

June 2014
Client: OECD
w: Moritz Stefaner
Role(s): Development


OECD Regional Well-Being (RWB) is an OECD project that collects and analyzes well-being in various regions across the world. The corresponding website lets readers explore this rich dataset, find their own regions and how they're doing and compare themselves to others world-wide.

Using location detection, the website initially shows a reader's home region and their measured well-being. This encompasses aspects such as the job situation, the environment or civic engagement. These dimensions are presented on an easy 1 to 10 scale.

From this vantage point, people can start exploring along various paths: a geographical map showing neighboring regions, a list of global regions similar in well-being, or the dimensions themselves with related regions from the same country invite for a stroll through the data. Serendipity ("I did not know that New South Wales was so similar to my home region!") is baked into the design.

Learn more about the project in this blog post.
Learn more about the geolocation we used.



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