Dominikus BaurData Visualization


February 2014
Client: -
w: Lev Manovich, Moritz Stefaner, Daniel Goddemeyer and others
Role(s): Development, UI conception


Selfiecity is a data-driven project concerned with one of the most notorious phenomenons of life in the 21st century: the selfie.

The project collected a large set of Instagram images and used manual tagging and machine learning to analyze the contents of these modern self portraits: how do people tilt their heads? Are they trying to look cool? What about duck faces?

The findings paint a fascinating picture of selfie culture in five cities across the globe.

Selfiecity's analyses are available on the project's website. We've turned them into charts highlighting demographic aspects or facial features. The complete dataset is also available in the Selfiexploratory, an interactive selection tool for filtering and exploring the selfie collection and its attributes.

The Selfiexploratory also become an installation from 2015 to 2016 as 'Selfiecity London' in Somerset House as part of the Big Bang Data exhibition.

Learn more about Selfiecity in this blog post.