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Multi-touch cleaving

(via @blprnt)

Today I stumbled upon a quite nice interaction technique that The Office for Creative Research developed for their Specimen Box project (in conjunction with Microsoft's Digital Crimes Unit). Their 'cleaving' lets people split the visualization into two with a simple two-handed gesture. This, of course, works especially well on a nice large digital display:

The whole project is chock-full of interesting touch-based interactions, so check out all videos about Specimen Box.

Selfiecity and OECD Regional Well-Being win KANTAR Information is beautiful awards

In yesterday's KANTAR Information is beautiful awards both Selfiecity and OECD Regional Well-Being scored big: we won Gold and Silver in the 'Website' category! Congrats to the teams and the other winners!

Animated transition for details-on-demand on mobile

Here's a nice little chart interaction technique built by Simon Rood in FramerJS that I stumbled upon on Facebook. On a desktop, showing details-on-demand is pretty much always done using hovering, but on mobile it's still tough (see my JSConfEU talk). Simon's animated transition looks like a smart way to do it:

JSConfEU talk online: Web-based vis on mobile

Back in September I gave a talk at the great JSConfEU 2014. The conference was three days of nerdy Javascript-details - highly enjoyable! My talk was on data-vis on mobile devices and I tried to shed light on some of the gritty details that Moritz Stefaner and I discovered over the various responsive projects we did. It also gave me the chance to conserve my beard in video-form for all eternity.

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Metrico review

Digital Dreams recently released Metrico, a game for the Playstation Vita, whose marketing focused on its infographics-inspired aesthetics. The game boasts a minimal and geometric style and is filled with all your favorite charts - yes, even pie charts! From a game perspective, however, Metrico is less than stellar and it would be a disappointment if this was the best Infographics: The Game we ever got.

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