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On Broadway wins Silver at KANTAR Information is Beautiful Awards!

Two weeks ago, the KANTAR Information is Beautiful Awards 2015 happened at the impressive Ham Yard Hotel in London. Moritz and I had the chance to be there and it was worth it: not only for the drinks and the great crowd, but we won Silver in the category Data Visualization Project for On Broadway!

Moritz and I were thrilled:

50% of the On Broadway team at the IIB awards (image courtesy of IIB Awards).

Congrats also to the other winners in that category, Stefanie Posavec and Giorgia Lupi for Dear Data and Nicholas Felton for his series of annual reports!

Science is thinking by other means

Recently, the connection between the scientific process and how our brain works hit me. Visual perception works through a combination of bottom-up and top-down processes. And since our scientific approach also becomes ever more data-driven, we're moving towards a science that mimics how our brains process information.

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Flavors of vis: Painters, Storytellers and Teachers

Every popular artist has their own unique style. If they're really good at it, they can be recognized after only a few moments of exposure. Filmmakers are a good example, since they often focus on either their visual or narrative style. When thinking about that I found that it's quite similar in visualization: there are the painters and the storytellers. But since visualization is an interactive medium we have a third category: unique interaction styles - the teachers of visualization.

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Big Data and the end of everyday cheating

I'm currently thinking (and reading) a lot about the implications of a data-driven society. Data collection is taking a foothold in our daily lives, through social media but even more so through the internet of things. All of a sudden we're split into two beings: our good old physical selves and outsourced digital versions in the cloud.

Pundits like to emphasize the benefits of big data and algorithms to all of us (I assume with economic motivations). We'll get the end of theory and become better parents, friends and employees. These assurances usually leave the rest of us with a feeling of dread. The big data spectre hangs above us all and we're in fear of old drinking photos showing up in job talks or having our lives ruined by one stupid tweet. Also, we're facing a new data apartheid, with powerful data lords on the one side and us sheepish content generators on the other.

But what's interesting for our daily lives is that big data probably means the end of everyday cheating.

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On Broadway

The selfiecity team is back! In a new project with Lev Manovich, Moritz Stefaner and Daniel Goddemeyer, we tackled the representation of city life in the 21st century. Reminiscent of pieces like Ed Ruscha's "Every Building on the Sunset Strip", On Broadway shows the iconic street in New York City as recreated from the data streams of thousands of people.

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